Come enter a world of adventure, romance, mystery, vengeance, and beauty. A place where daggers fly, bitter  lovers get even and the characters are mortal!
     Meet Helen Lane, a young woman majoring in Children Psychology. Having been through a lot, Helen is a jaded tortured soul with a dark and twisted imagination. No self esteem and no self confidence, Helen puts out an aloof air and shaky facade of false confidence.
    Along comes Carmen Bontecou, a Frenchman who came to America to escape his past and forget who he was. A lover of the arts, he spends his NY days painting, playing the violin and investing his money on Wall Street. With a suspicious scar and gleaming gray eyes he can't help but be noticed.
    Evelyn (Evey), the scorned lover of Carmen can't wait to get her hands on him and his new love. A taste for blood, this blonde cougar will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And what she wants most is revenge.

"The rain doesn’t help Helen’s loneliness. She sips absently at her latte staring out the window of the 'Kaffe' coffee shop. Helen looks up in time only to then regret it."-My Beloved Tourniquet

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